Top 10 reasons to have a Destination Wedding:

  1. SAVE MONEY - Traditional weddings can cost several times the amount of a Destination Wedding.
  2. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT - Forgo a typical wedding in lieu of something different.  Some couples have carried this to the extreme by getting married while on a scuba dive, or on a sailboat ride. 
  3. HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Combine your wedding and honeymoon in one beautiful location.
  4. CROWD CONTROL - Bring along your whole family and friends for a fun celebration, or just make it an intimate group.
  5. STRESS FREE PLANNING - Our Travel Consultants are "Certified Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialists" who will handle the travel plans for everyone.
  6. PERFECT FOR SECOND MARRIAGES - Scale it down the second time around and go somewhere special to wed.
  7. NEUTRAL SETTING - Instead of getting involved in potential family drama, choose a neutral location.
  8. SO MUCH TO DO & SEE - With the many on-site activities at resorts, plus off-site fun, your guests will keep busy.
  9. CELEBRATE LONGER - Traditional weddings last five hours while a destination wedding can go on for days.
  10. EXPAND UPON A THEME - Incorporate your love of the beach, the snow, your heritage, or something else special to you.


With a Destination Wedding, it is the best of two worlds.  First and most important is that you get to have your wedding in a beautiful location.  You take your vows in paradise with your family and friends.  Our experience has seen locations, styles, budgets, and themes vary from bride to bride, but there's one thing that all brides have in common - You want your wedding to be a special, unique reflection of you.  The second advantage of a destination wedding is that you with your family and friends get to continue bonding and starting new relationships that will last for years.  Here's one of our secrets, if you want to slip away and go somewhere else for the honeymoon portion, we can handle that for you also.

At Indy Travel Leaders, we do so much more that just booking your trip.  We also assist with your guests accommodations and keep you informed about the progress of your wedding.  Since we are experienced in handling Destination Weddings, Vow Renewals, and Honeymoons and are taking care of all the complicated details so that you can handle all of the fun stuff.  All of this is possible with us getting group discounts for your travel which are passed on to you and your guests.








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